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ATP Champions Tour 2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

June 2021. Midsummer and I've arrived in the land of the midnight sun, Sweden is celebrating, and I'm chilled having received confirmation of three important meetings. Sorted! Thanks due to Titti Stromerstén for organising.

Read the blog and catch a flavour of the itinerary.

I mightn’t be able to guarantee the weather next year but right now ‘The Sound’ or 'Sund' is sparkling and enticing, the temperature a steady 26 degrees. Lunch at the fabulous Bjärred Saltsjöbad pier-end restaurant, an offshore pearl overlooking the spectacular Øresund Bridge linking Sweden with Denmark …and with a local beach club sharing occupation of the pier head, I’m entertained by a frenzy of water sport activity surrounding this unique seafood venue.

Midsummer eve is at Ostarps Gastgivaregard and the Kulturens in Blentarp. Experience a step back in time where the sourcing of organic produce is delivered courtesy of the local farming community. The land here employs traditional methods of farming enabling the top notch family run restaurant to provide the finest quality homely cuisine (...continuing a long tradition that goes back many generations). Occupying some 10 square miles, all of which is open for everybody to explore and enjoy, with or without a picnic hamper.

Your senses will surely fool you that you’re visiting a living history where a lost knowledge thrives, and a hard days work and play go hand in hand. Today the nature gardens are in full swing with summer celebrations and traditional dancing in costume around the midsummer maypole. Women and children are having fun decorating their heads with impressive hats of daisies and forget-me-knots among a variety of herbs and wild flowers.

The Main Event at Svaneholm Castle

Game on! Set in a stunning location... Mats and his crew of tennis champions will be sure to entertain.

Michelin Chef Matthias Nilsson and his team at Svaneholmsslott restaurant will provide a VIP lunch and a sumptuous feast, during and after each day's play, in the fine dining rooms, in the courtyard garden and dedicated marquee. Our clientele will also be invited to a live music event in the castle grounds where no doubt a few surprise guests will feature.

You are welcome to Svaneholm Open

ATP Champions Tour 2022

June 30 - July 3

The ATP Champions Tour brings together many of the greatest tennis players in history for nostalgic, competitive and entertaining tournaments in cities all around the world.

Experience the thrill when some of the top tennis nations in history battle for victory at the fantastic Svaneholm Castle – with stars like John McEnroe, Mats Wilander, Henri Leconte and Goran Ivanisevic.

A Choice of Five Star Accomodation

Fasled Kro, Fyn

The Grand Hotel, Lund

Hackeberga Castle

It is with great joy we see the world slowly moving back to normal and the Covid-19 restrictions being removed.

Together with the ATP Champions Tour we are happy to announce the tournament returns in 2022.

We are shortly offering VIP packages to Svaneholm Castle and the ATP Champions special event here as part of an itinerary that will set off from London on June 27 2022. Packages will be available from 1 day and 1 night to the full itinerary extravaganza of 5 days and 5 nights.

Register your interest early and visit the members portal.

Availability is limited and reservation of your event VIP package will be on a first come first serve basis!


Richard for further details and reservation.

Register your interest here

Sweden offers a high quality of life, a low population and in the happiness stakes is amongst the top 10 of countries worldwide.

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