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Building Bridges

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

24 August 21. The fashionable French shores of Lake Geneva discretely merge into the equally stylish Swiss Azure

A twisty climb, adorable hill side villages and a new perspective above the inland sea.

The dynamic view toward Geneva and the French Alps beyond momentarily tempt the tired eyes away from the road, while ritzy restaurants and street cafes tempt the tum. Idyllic locations with just an heir of sophistication. The desire to stop is great as is the rich cost to eat here. This is Sandbanks on steroids and besides, we are on a timed leg to reach Alpthal, on the other side of another seamless border in Austria …before nightfall!

Route Planning.

With EV charging stations sourced, an essential excursion away from the autoroute takes us high into the Austrian Tyrol on super quality B roads and our destination for dinner ...overlooking the awesome panorama of Piburger See near Oetz

We arrive at Imst just in time to hit the sack. After breakfast a short hike across green pastures, over one very dicey and aged foot bridge (constructed using timber and rope), to discover a mountain community where the proud folk maintain old traditions and the bygone values of their forefathers.

Blue speckled hen eggs, blueberries and blue goats cheese cover a trestle table on the verandah of Anna and Pete's, old, but charming Tyrollean lodge.

Next to the table is a handwritten note in 3 languages Austro-Bavarian, German and English! ‘Please help yourself! Leave a small payment, if you can afford it, thank you!’


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