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Comfort Danish Style

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Overlooking the south west facing blue water of the Little Belt is Falsled Kro, a Relais Chateau and Michelin star establishment in one of the premier locations on the isle, and where service and a smile go hand in hand.

Our welcome is complemented beyond any star rating by way of the delightful Anna who offers, without any prompt, to iron the crumpled clothes in the open suitcase sitting on the bed.

At dinner her familiar figure, now front of house welcomes us to our table with a teasing sense of fun. ‘That’s a beautifully ironed shirt your wearing tonight if I may say so sir!’

Won over by the charming hostess our affections for this exquisite Danish hotel are already firmly in place.

The bedroom, classically Nordic, in a Catherine Kitson kind of way, has been prepared with a great eye for detail, the bed also freshly turned and aired while we are at dinner. A class act all round and one for the list.

Former home of Hans Christian Anderson, The Isle of Fyn, is the one and only true fairytale island. A forthcoming itinerary must include a visit to the author’s home and gardens in Odense and the classic venue of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Fyn calls out for a take it easy attitude whether cycling, cruising or cantering on Blinder, the one eyed stallion.

Expect a tranquil vacation unlike any other.

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