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Hot Chocolate

Updated: May 1, 2021

7 pm and about time I find a roof for the night. A last minute search while making a pitstop and I strike lucky with the nearest Airbnb pad five minutes away. By all accounts it’s a doozy, a traditional Tyrol lodge in the valley town of Imst.

An authentic ‘olde worlde’ atmosphere of Bavarian oom pah pahs, and rustic timber that befits this slightly fatigued traveller.

Mine host serves a meal to jolt me back to life: langoustines, horseradish, chilli-fied mangetout, new potatoes and a beer in a stein.

Well and truly replete I retreat to my room slightly worse for wear, more than ready to hit the sack, but before finally giving up on the day, I attempt to compose the next blog. Armed with a cognac, coffee and Air, the tools of the trade, I set-up on the balcony terrace and prepare to write ...only to be distracted by the poetic mountain scenery laid out before me.

Random Lyrics

The local alcohol enhances the moment and being the only visible soul for miles, I can’t help but launch into song ...unconsciously unleashing pent up frustrations brought about by Corona - the scary brand that in another life I associated with the best kids drink ever ...fluorescent, fizzy and delicious.

‘Talk about a new world in the morning, new world in the morning so they say.

I don't talk about a new world in the morning. New world in the morning, that's today.

Yet I scream for a new tomorrow with a heart full of song, only please do tell me what on earth is going on!’

The mountains echo back with an awesome reverb, nicely disguising any vocal hick-ups.

Back to a Future ...bereft of chocolate

Returning to Collex-Bossy, remembering ‘the chocolatier’ on my outward journey,

I wonder whether the talented sous chef is still in denial of the global pandemic!

It's a good time for a break, on this occasion I can replace the chocolates lost to the Ukraine border guard two months earlier.

I drive along the same street looking out for the sweet lady’s sweet shop prominent only eight weeks ago, but it’s gone, closed down, replaced by a cooperative spa. It seems Covid found the chocolatier after all!

A passer-by watches me walk back and forth, her eyes the only features visible above a pink mask.

’What is it you’re looking for?’

’Wasn’t there a chocolate shop here? ...I mean I was only hear a little while ago when this was ...a special kind of Chocolate Shop!’

‘Not that I remember. I do my weekly shopping here ...and have for three years. ...But I‘ve heard similar stories, so you’re not going crazy on your own. I believe the Collider‘s responsible. We’re on top of it ...the circle, it’s under our feet!‘

‘You serious! ...well I am familier with it but only because the subject interests me. It’s located at CERN!

The lady fingers MAPS on her phone.

‘Yes, CERN is there and we are here! ...and this is the ring of the donut.’

‘Ha, The chocolate donut!, so that’s why...

There really should be a chocolate shop here! Only two months ago I remember a woman not unlike you preparing Collider shaped truffles - donuts for a customer!’

’In another reality maybe ...but I don’t disbelieve you. Weird things happen when the hadron is operating. Proving it, is the problem! You know they’ve just discovered another particle!’

‘Yes I do, fascinating! I’ve just driven the length of the Alps and passed through 37 tunnels along the way. I’ll count 38 as The LHC! It’s the only one I can’t drive in, but it has to be the greatest black hole of all of them.’

’I adore chocolate, it’s a passion of mine! Au revoir‘

’This must be the craziest conversation I’ve had in years, thank you!’

The Large Hadron Collider is located in CERN on the Switzerland-French border. The circular tunnel that collides particles as they approach the speed of light is located underground occupying a circumference of 26.7 kilometres at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 metres.

Authorised guided tours of this ‘out of the world‘ complex are available when the Collider is in lockdown (technical stop).

For all the science enthusiasts out there,

Watch out for our Tesla Drive Time itinerary that will include a tour of this amazing scientific experiment ...The L.H.C.

Pure science fiction or is it! ...Are parallel realities all about us? ...I wonder! ...Have I just encountered such a phenomena?

I cross back into France at The Geneva border, taking the A40 toward Lyon and the final night of this leg. The epic route continues through the French Alps over evermore spectacular viaducts and into the hard rock of 39 ...Tunnel de Chamoise via Viaduc de Nantua...

Next blog - The.French Connection a la Beaujolais.

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