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Music to my Ears

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

12 Feb. Salzburg, like everywhere, here people are carrying on carrying on but what a lovely location just to be!

I arrive determined to pin down a retreat in this city of music and culture. My location, a cosy apartment for 2 people in a charming area of the old city. Perfect for Doremi E-bike singing! Cycling to the Mirabell Gardens across the Mozart Bridge and along to the Trapp family home ...a must for Sound of Music fans. A private balcony overlooks a secret waterway running alongside this bijou apartment, a romantic haven in itself with its large state of the art shower room, living room and kitchen. Alas I'm on my own but I'm thinking about an event treat for up to 6 couples in similar properties. Cleanliness is five star and everything a couple needs is here including Netflix.

Hotel Schloss is a 5 star castle hotel offering spectacular views of the Austrian Alps and the town's landscape from its prominent location above the old city. Be prepared for an expensive but exclusive retreat at a prestigious boutique castle.

A traditional coffee house like Kaslochl will delight you with their hospitality while you wait for a unique taste of that old Salzburg cheese.

Cloisters abound throughout the old town offering sanctuary for shoppers even when it is snowing.


Now the decision to continue my trek on to Bukavel or miss the only opportunity I'll have, before travel restrictions are lifted, to partner a rich new venue outside of Europe for Travelintime’s clientele. If I make it I’ll have driven across 6 borders and over 2000 miles …

Ryan air are the carrier presently serving Lviv, so it’s likely future clientele will fly from London Stansted where on arrival our partners will provide a chauffeur service to the locations in hybrid comfort. Journey times are expected to be 3 hours door to door! Wait for more news on developments later this year.

Mentioned in my first blog ...Drive TIME, Bukavel is a stunning location yet to be discovered by much of the U.K population ...both a classy summer and winter resort set in the beautiful Carpathians.

Back to the NOW! Never before have I seen roads and cities across Europe so empty …still I’m surprised to have made it this far. The question remains …will I be allowed to cross the final border? Well, If I don’t try I’ll never know …and I need this business to rise like a phoenix after the global pandemic is finally put to bed …so let’s find out!

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