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Slow Road to Paradise

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Due to a recent redzone declaration all roads out of the region are now closed, I’m temporarily restricted to research an area of 700 square km ...At least this gives me an opportunity to check out a struggling bijou resort just 50 kms from Chernivtsi.

Unfortunately, the only road that will take me there is yet to be upgraded. Having nearly exhausted my vocabulary on the topic ...atrocious describes the 30 kms driven just fine! I arrive at a gorgeous Tyrollean outpost ...bereft of people. Barely a handful of visitors are enjoying the ski complex designed for hundreds. Independant high spec lodges and homes, hotels and restaurants, all hungry for guests have their doors wide open (despite the lockdown).

Covid aside, sustaining the resort’s viability, without sufficient finance to improve the route in, remains an unresolved conundrum that could spell disaster for the tireless local people presently supporting the village. To attract any U.K clientele in the future, the region needs funds take note any private investors looking for a medium term return!

For the intrepid folk who make the journey now, the cosy atmosphere and comprehensive facilities will reward the effort. It’s perfect for families with young and older siblings looking to ski and snowboard in a fun location. Facilities are good and right where you want them to be ...close by. Chair and drag lifts serve the upper slopes with kindergarten ski slopes easily accessible in the centre of the village. Riding stables offer sleigh rides in the winter and cart rides in the summer. A deserted Ice rink and outdoor swimming pools wait for customers.

Crazy Car Park

Of course the implication of the extended lockdown requires I must relocate the car from its previously secure private driveway to a “secure!” city car park ...No worries! It’s now guarded courtesy of 2 wild wolf dogs who treat the plot of land as their home!

Bukovinia, Chernivtsi and Lviv are little gems of delight ...imperfect in places, but nonetheless, they have opened my eyes to the good things happening in Ukraine today.

All To often we hear negative connotations from the media, but being on the ground in the southwest corner during March 2021, I‘m happy to report on a promising perspective of life here.

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