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Takin’ it on the Chin

Khmelnytskoyo street architecture is pleasantly pre-communist, the road surface ...disastrous! Today, barely any cobbles remain, lost in one almighty pothole. A group of wild dogs yap aggressively as locals throw stones in their direction. The scene gives an impression of a once grand city, fallen on hard times.

Filarmoniya Square, on the other hand is well kept and well signed, its Habsburg architecture, shining bright in the evening sunlight, informs visitors to the potential of a fully restored city.

In the short time I’ve been here my senses have endured: no mains water, intermittent WiFi, construction work, traffic pollution and mud glorious mud provoking a real appreciation of a lifestyle I left behind at the border ...the folk here take the adversity in their stride, looking toward a bright future! ...Even today Chernivsti will surprise the determined traveller with its diverse cultural heritage.

An upbeat disposition thrives with entrepreneurial business owners creating tasteful sanctuaries of character and comfort inside the dramatic architecture of its numerous historic buildings. Discover adorable coffee houses and restaurants offering fine dining with traditional Ukraine cuisine - all impeccably clean, ...the opera house and theatres with world class performances. (4 - 10 euro for a balcony seat) ...take a stroll through the park squares and along the chic pedestrian only shopping avenue that runs the length of the old city.

The Kal Market attracts people from all over the world, as far afield as China. On one level Kalynivsky and Harrods are huge and sell everything. 'Viva la difference': the former’s prices sit on the ground, the later in the sky!

Chernivtsi is a university city with a rich cultural heritage eager to show it off to the world fully restored.

In 2022 subject to travel corridors resuming, we hope to invite you to book a Travelintime exclusive activity retreat in Bukavel where 4G, WiFi, and all the comforts of a five star venue await.

If you do, then take time out of your comfort zone and book the one day excursion into Chernivsti ...experience a little of what the traditional Ukraine has to offer. You won’t regret it.

Blogs ‘With a little help...’ and 'Bowled out...' delayed a smidge, the result of red zone lockdown ...but coming soon! visit

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