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Updated: May 28, 2021

An essential ingredient of a planned Michelin foodie tour set for April 2023 is the sky high 3 star Jules Verne.

3 August 1995. We arrive at the Michelin-Star restaurant of Alain Ducasse (now Frederic Anton) 125 metres above the French capital in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary. The Jules Verne theme pays homage to the famous novelist and spokesperson for literary,

scientific, and industrial progress.

An unattainable reservation obtained with friendly persuasion and British determination.

‘The Rocket’ elevator delivers us in style via the south pillar at precisely 8pm. The Art Deco doors open with the pianist playing ‘Just in Time’ on a fine Steinway. Amazingly the components were taken up in the lift back in 1983 - during the restaurant’s construction, when a team from Steinway painstakingly assembled it in situ.

An intimacy to our evening is enriched courtesy of a dense fog that shrouds this classy eatery in the clouds. The tower’s lighting reflects a golden glow off the iron framework; an exquisite timeless bubble above the city of dreams. Of course the pianist is now playing ‘April in Paris’ ...except this is August!

Happy Anniversary Kate and Larry!

Soon to continue stage 3 of the DriveTime extravaganza ...Scandinavia so watch out for the next blog!

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