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A message of hope to everyone

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A message to our site visitors to keep smiling and look on the bright side of life despite these difficult and unprecedented times. With resolve and kindness we can rise above the challenges ahead.

The travel industry is amongst the many industries affected and it’s with regret that our own business of providing French travel escapes has been frozen as a result of Covid. We are in a holding position until in the fullness of time when we hope to rise again like the phoenix.

I find myself in isolation and somewhat financially compromised least I'm in the beauty of the French hinterland where I’ve put pen to paper or finger to keypad in an attempt to sustain income while we prepare for the future. ...A good book is a way to escape for a little light relief which is why I’m uploading the first chapter of ‘A Nick in Time’ now available for just £1.80 on our website. In the coming weeks if the demand is there further chapters will be uploaded but remind me if you are hungry for the next instalment sooner the novel, chapter by chapter, before its Amazon release in the summer. A small price to pay for what is a good old fashioned tale inspired by real events and experiences across France and Europe between 1939 and the present day. Entertaining, time travel, intrigue, espionage and a touch of romance that I hope will leave readers with the sense that anything is possible when people come together. A Nick in Time ...another world or our world you decide! Good luck to you all! Richard

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