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Two artichokes live up to their name

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Chateau des Forges, France 23 08

Natasha, having never eaten one before, watches curiously as I try to eloquently demonstrate the art of eating a leaf of the symmetrical vegetable.

The technique adopted, spontaneously backfires as I choke out of my mouth one large piece of grit, realising, in my hand, is life long friend and former fang, G.Nasher.

A new look and no pain! Do I mind the gap? ...Heck I do! Maybe I can find a dentist on my travels.


Close to Fontainebleau in the Paris suburbia sits a charming region, just 30 minutes south of the premier city, in the Fontainebleau Forest of Ile de France. Expensive, unless you seek out the private accommodation of an established landowner. This bungalow apartment cost 75 euros a night with a fully equipped kitchen, charming bedroom with hi tech TV and excellent ensuite, set in the owners gated forest garden and very private.

Barbizon, quality at a price. A trendy well-off village near Paris, impeccably presented. An artists paradise with excellent restaurants, delicatessens and boulangeries.

Bukovina, Romania

You can't beat the Carpathian Mountain Country for its outstanding natural beauty, particularly as the road today is geared toward the traveller with many modern viewing and parking areas strategically situated for optimum enjoyment, and often with a restaurant or cafe alongside.

The main route through the mountains ...simply a joy to drive.

The Swinging Blue Jeans

Mountain hot wiring might appear to be for the brave. It’s exciting, initially fast and furious, but essentially, a serene experience over an awesome landscape. The option to attach a parachute which inflates behind you, slowing the speed of your descent, will undoubtedly pull a few more souls into the abyss. Swinging across the valley …securely attached, nothing compares, it’s a must do!

No Time for Decay

5 September With many of the best dentists in the business situated in Chernivtsi and Vadim’s practice only 2 doors along from the apartment, I have an appointment tomorrow.

10 September. Just 5 days to sculpture the new tooth later and I’m done, looking better than ever! A young and trim gnasher is aligned to perfection unlike it’s predecessor and all for a staggering 5000 Hryvnia. No, that’s not a lot of money (approximately £135 at today’s rate in sept 21)

Now, I’m seriously looking at creating an event vacation for a dental clientele!

Next blog coming soon

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