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Acting Film Dance & Music

Acting Workshops

Professional actor/s will run workshop events as learning experiences for upcoming professional and amateur groups attending.  A mini-performance will be staged on the last evening.

Film Events

A film event consists of a film showing in the grounds of a château, after which a lead actor will be available using a ‘chat show’ approach

 An evening dinner may be attended offering the possibility to engage with the actor.  The film event differs from the acting workshops in that it's for 2 nights and excludes drama training

International Opera

During September international opera arrives in the charming parish of Sanxay. Three performances over three nights in the magnificent setting of a Roman amphitheatre

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Classic Car Events

This event provides a chateau venue for car marque clubs and classic car owners to parade their vehicles and entertain the enthusiasts with an open-air cinema playing movies to the in-car diners. 

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Into the Frying Pan

World Cuisine

Two different events are offered in this category for different audiences:

  • The professional catering world where upcoming chefs & sous-chefs learn from a Michelin starred Chef

  • ...and the MasterChef fan base who wish to take a cooking vacation and learn from a celebrity Chef

The events will consist of cooking sessions interspersed with free time to enjoy the area

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Corporate Retreats

A corporate event provides a venue for businesses to meet, train and bond away from the office environment in a location without every day distractions and conducive to thinking, learning and encouraging team building. Groups will enjoy access to the

swimming pool, tennis court and kitchen.

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Just great accommodation

Exquisite Rentals
Exclusive château or luxury villas offering tranquility and a sense of wellbeing. A warm welcome awaits.

Events & Activities: Amenities
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